Need a custom product designed?

NuWave Technologies has the capability to tackle even the most challenging custom designs. 

We offer concept to completion electronic product development and manufacturing.

Specialists in: low cost designs, custom temperature controls, handheld and battery powered devices, SCR power controls, process control and instrumentation.

NuWave Technologies has been in the business of electronics design and manufacturing since 1996.  Our facility has capabilities for electronics R&D, design, testing, calibration, and manufacturing. The NuWave R&D team has over 50 man-years of experience with many highly skilled contractors available for product development and manufacturing.  Our laboratory has extensive facilities with the latest in high quality test and analytical equipment.


                      Humidor / Cabinet Temperature and Relative Humidity Control
Consumer Product
  • On / Off control
  • Fan control
  • Lighting control
                      Pipeline Demagnetizer
Industrial Pipeline Welding
  • Phase angle control
  • Current feedback
  • Back to back SCR output
  • 120/240VAC operation
                      Laboratory Temperature Controller with LCD Display
Laboratory Applications
  • Triac heater drive
  • PID control
  • Solid state serial temperature sensor
  • Timing and control functions
  • 100-240VAC switch mode power supply input
                 Low Cost Cooking Temperature Controller with LCD Display
Consumer Product
  • 6V battery power
  • T-thermocouple
  • PI control
                                       Temperature Time Controller
Laboratory Application
  • On-off control
  • Solid state temperature sensor
  • Controls time and temperature
  • 12VDC power
                         Temperature Controller with Wifi Web Server
Consumer and Commercial Applications
  • Web server
  • LCD display
  • 12VDC power input
  • 4 zone T-thermocouple
                                USB Interfaced Temperature Controller
Industrial Application
  • K-thermoucouple input
  • PI control
  • 100-240VAC switch mode power supply
  • 5A SSR output
                                Heat-Cool TEC Temperature Controller
Laboratory Application
  • Solid state temperature sensor
  • LED display
  • 12VDC power input
  • 10A Peltier drive output
                                  Heat-Cool Temperature Controller
Consumer and Commercial Applications
  • High current relay outputs
  • 120VAC input
  • LCD dispaly
  • Solid state serial temperature sensor
                         Custom Mold and Chiller Temperature Control
Industrial Control
  • Dual thermocouple input 
  • PID with autotune
  • Dual 3 digit LED display
  • Individual status indicators
  • 0.25 deg accuracy


  • Four optically isolated TRIAC driver outputs
  • Nine 120VAC ladder logic system status inputs
  • RS-485/RS-232 communications
                                    Custom Hand Held Thermometer
Consumer Product
  • Super low cost design
  • Backlit 3 digit LCD
  • 3 button interface
  • Advanced menu functions controlling safety and operating parameters
  • Thermocouple input
                     Custom Food Temperature Controller with PC Interface
Consumer Product
  • USB interface
  • Dual zone control 
  • 4 thermocouple inputs
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • 4 button interface q
  • On board alarm
  • Alpha numeric LCD display
                                 Custom Wireless Cooking Controller
Consumer Product
  • Wireless user pendant 
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • 4 thermocouple inputs
  • 6 button interface
  • On board alarm
  • Alpha numeric LCD display
                                 Custom Low Cost Cooking Controller
Consumer Product
  • 3 Digit LCD display
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • 4 thermocouple inputs
  • 4 button interface
  • On board alarm
                                 Custom OEM Temperature Controller
Weather Station Control
  • Single Zone on off temperature controller 
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Thermocouple/RTD input
                                       HVAC Duct Heater Controller
HVAC Control
  • Eight Output Stages
  • Analog inputs
  • Dual Analog outputs
  • Configurable/expandable operation
                               Din Rail Mounted Temperature Control
Industrial Control
  • RS-485 Communications
  • PID w/ Autotune
  • Two versatile outputs
  • Thermocouple inputs
                                                 SCR Driver Boards
Industrial Control
  • Microcontroller based SCR drive
  • Transformer drive
  • Line voltage compensation
  • Voltage limit
                                             Heater Current Monitor
Industrial Control
  • Settable user alarms
  • Relay output
  • Indicator leds
  • Aux analog output
                                             Electrosurgical System
  • Custom radio frequency electrosurgical system
  • Safe low voltage power 
  • HF output

Some of our areas of expertise are NuWave Technologies Provides
Process and Temperature Control
Thermocouple & RTD Thermometry
Precision Instrumentation
SCR Power Controls
Analog to Digital Converters
Data Acquisition Systems
Switchmode Power Supplies
Microprocessor Hardware and software
LED & LCD Displays
Phase Angle & Pulse Power Control PLCs & Ladder Logic
EMI/RFI Analysis & Troubleshooting
FCC testing and UL submissions

Casual Technical Consultation
Feasibility & Cost Analysis
Design Cost Reduction
Requirements Definition
Circuit Design & Analysis
Schematic Drawings
Thru-hole & SMT PCB Design
Rapid Product Prototyping
Turn-Key Manufacturing
System Integration
.....and more!

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