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NuWave Introduces the 1B-TC integrated power & SCR temperature controller to 80A

The 1B-TC Temperature Controller combines a sub panel temperature and SCR control in one compact package. The 1B-TC reduces costs and wiring labor associated with using discrete temperature and power controllers. For more information or to place an order visit our web store.


  • J or K Thermocouple Inputs with 5 different temperature ranges
  • Zero Cross, Time Proportioning SCR Output up to 80A @ 600V
  • Panel Mount Heatsink
  • 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, Pot Setpoint Inputs
  • MOV SCR Output Protection
  • 10-28 VDC power

NuWave Introduces Phase Angle SCR Power Control to 200A

The microprocessor based 1P-HC Phase Angle SCR Power Controller is a compact panel mount package that provides linear  power control of the load. The output power is based on the command input and the toroid current transformer feedback. The input can be dip switch selected from most industry standard inputs.  Specially designed DC gate driver circuitry and snubber networks allow reliable control of inductive loads.

1P-HC Phase angle power controller
1P-HC Phase angle power controller


NuWave Introduces New Solid State Relay Mount Temperature Controller

The new SSRTC mounts directly on the input terminals of a Solid State Relay and provides a low cost, conveniently packaged temperature control solution. The input accepts J or K type thermocouples and can be used on heat or cool processes with on/off or proportional control. The setpoint can be controlled by a potentiometer or analog voltage or analog current. The temperature setpoint is proportional to the voltage or current at the setpoint input.  Status indicators indicate how close the temperature is to the setpoint.

SSRTC-XXX Solid-State-Relay-SSR-Temperature-Control

Open vs Closed Loop Temperature Control

We get many calls from customers that want to control the temperature of a process without a closed loop temperature controller.  In this mini article we will briefly discuss open loop temperature control vs closed loop temperature control.  First, lets simply define closed loop and open loop as it applies to common electrically heated processes:

Close loop temperature control utilizes a temperature sensor that monitors the process.   This feedback is fed to a temperature controller which controls a Power Controller that will apply power to the heater precisely and maintain the process temperature.  Some of the advantages of closed loop control are accuracy, repeatability, fast warmup times and fast recovery times.

Open loop temperature control does not utilize temperature feedback from the process.  The power delivered to the heater is set by the user, usually with a potentiometer and SCR Power Controller or a Variac (variable auto transformer).  Some of the advantages of open loop control are simplicity, low cost, reliability.


One of the major advantages of NuWave SCR Power Controllers and SSR Driver Boards is line voltage compensation.  Line voltage compensation corrects for changes in line voltage.  Performance improvements can be observed in closed loop processes, but especially in open loop processes.


If you have a process where the temperature accuracy is not critical, open loop control may be an option.  The only way to really tell if open loop control is suitable is to try it in your process and see if the results are acceptable.

Solid State Relay Monitor Heater Break Alarm – NEW

The new SSRMON2 mounts to a Solid State Relay and provides load break protection as well as monitoring the SSR for failure. The SSRMON2 can be wired for interrupted mode or continuous mode.  Interrupted mode forces the SSR off periodically to test the input to output logic. The SSRMON2 operates on 12 or 24VDC and can be used on line voltages from 100-600VAC .

Solid State Relay Monitor Heater Break Alarm

Phase Angle SCR Power Control with Current Limit – NEW

SCR Power Control with Current Limit
SCR Power Control with Current Limit

The new 1P-CL-N SCR power control offers features only found in much more expensive power controllers. The compact package can control up to 80Amps at 40C and offers current feedback. The current is sensed using an external current transformer and is used to limit the current on inductive loads such as transformers or resistive loads that have a sharp positive temperature coefficient such as quartz heaters or molybdenum heaters. Reliable firing / commutation of inductive loads are no problem with the on-board rugged SCR snubber.

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4-20 mA Solid State Relay SSR Pulse Module

The SSRMAN-1LP 4-20 mA Solid State Relay driver provides 0-100% PWM of any standard SSR.  The PWM cycle time of the time proportioning is 350mS at the center but gets longer toward the end of the range to optimize the resolution of the output of the 4-20 solid state relay system.  The calibration of the time proportioning converter can be adjusted by ordering option -ZS (zero and span pots). The SSRMAN-1LP can drive up to 4.2V @ 14mA offering a high performance, low cost solution to 4-20mA SSR systems.

4-20mA Solid State Relay
4-20mA Solid State Relay, Low Cost, high Performance Control

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NuWave Introduces Vernier Stepper Control

The Staging Control with Verneir – NWVS is a step controller that provides modulation in multi-stage applications such as duct heaters.  The built in 0-10V Vernier stage output allows for smooth, precision control of the load.  When the verneir output is connected to an SSR or Phase Angle Controller – SSRMAN-1P it will increase the precison of the heat control without reducing the life of the system contactors.  The unit’s LEDs show the power and output status of all of the stages including the vernier output.

Staging Controller With Verneir
Staging Controller With Verneir

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Measuring the True RMS Current in Phase Angle Controlled Loads

Most current transformers suffer from severely inaccurate measurements of the load current in phase angle controlled loads. This is because they tend to respond mainly to the peaks of the signal which have little to do with the actual current present in the load circuit.  A true RMS analysis of the current waveform is required to get an accurate value.

Our RMS Current transformer – NWCT is a True RMS current transducer that can be ordered as 0-10V or 4-20mA output. The output is proportional to the current in the conductor passed through the sense transformer. The advantage to the NWCT is that it can sense distorted sinusoidal signals such as phase control and provide a True RMS output of the signal. The NWCT Current Transformer uses the latest in signal processing technologies to provide true RMS 4-20mA or 0-10V output of distorted AC current signals such as phase angle controlled loads.

True RMS Current Transformer NWCT


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New MicroTC Small Temperature Controller

Our new small temperature controller – MicroTC is our smallest and lowest cost temperature controller. The MicroTC is factory set for your setpoints and hysteresis.  A version is available with setpoint adjustment from an external potentiometer.  The small MicroTC is available in 12V and 24V versions and provides a 3 Amp MOSFET output that can be used to drive an SSR ( solid state relay) or small heater.  The integral small solid state temperature sensor eliminates the cost of an external thermocouple or RTD.

MicroTC small Temperature Controller

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