New Low Cost RC Snubber for SSRs

Introducing the new RCSB RC snubber board for Solid State Relays SSRs.

RCSB Snubber Board

The RCSB snubbersuppresses dV/dt and provide reliable commutation. This is especially important when controlling transformer coupled loads as improper commutation can result in huge inrush currents and blown fuses.  The RCSB snubber is also used on our SCR power control assemblies. The RCSB is available in 120, 240, 480 and 600VAC versions.

The RCSB Snubber Board mounts directly on the output terminals of a solid state relay. The RCSB provides overvoltage protection from transients and limits dV/dt.

For more information: SSR Snubber Network 

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