Bench Top Heat/Cool Temperature Controller System

  • Perfect for Laboratory Applications
  • Heat/Cool PID Control
  • Complete Control System Package
  • Bench Top, Sloped Front, Small Enclosure
  • Prewired, Plug into a Wall Outlet
  • Solid State Relay Output
  • Dual Display, Auto-Tune, PID
  • Easy To Use, Accurate
  • Low Cost, High Quality
  • User-Replaceable Fuse Output
  • Custom temperature sensors also available

Benchtop temperature controllers offer simple installation, easy operation and accurate temperature control. This offers up to 15 Amps output with either zero cross or phase angle-fired for driving IR lamps or high-inrush / inductive loads.

The 4 digit controller will display both process temperature and setpoint continuously. Sensors are J, K, T, S, R thermocouple or RTD. Programable features include deg C or deg F, and resolution of 1 or .1 degree. The output is Solid State Relay with easy, accurate Auto-Tune PID Logic. Back to back SCR Solid State Relay output is standard.

Our custom bench top controllers are ideal for heater loads that require precise control at an economical price.

We also offer custom temperature sensors to go with your bench top controller.

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