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Phase Angle Controller with Soft Start

Phase Angle SCR Power Control

Phase Angle SCR Power Control to 80A @ 40C 1P-N

  • True linear output phase angle control
  • Suitable for inductive loads, transformers, etc.
  • Inputs of 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-135 Ohm, Pot, PWM
  • Line voltage compensation increases process stability
  • Configurable soft start for high inrush loads
  • Automatic 50/60Hz operation
  • Adjustable Voltage Limit (-VL) Option
  • LED output indicator
  • Single phase and three phase control

The 1P-N SCR Power Controller is a compact panel mount package that provides linear phase angle control of loads to 80AMPS. The output power is proportional to the command input which can be dip switch selected from seven different industry standard inputs. Specially designed external snubber networks allow reliable control of inductive loads.


Phase Angle SCR Power Controller 1P-CL-N
High Current Phase Angle SCR Power Controller 1P-HC
Burst Firing SCR Power Controller 1B-N
4-20mA Loop Powered SCR Power Controller 1LP-N
Integrated Temperature & SCR Power Control - 1B-TC


1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX Single Pole
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX Phase Angle
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (6) 660 VAC Line (Omit for 240/480)
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (50) 45A @ 40C / (90) 70A @ 40C / (125) 80A @ 40C
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (H) 480VAC Line (Omit for 240)
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (DN) Internal#s (specifies heatsink / input)
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (10) Internal#s (specifies SSR firing)
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (M) External MOV
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX (S) External Snubber, (M) MOV Required
1P-X XXX X DN-10-M-S-XXX Special Options:
-VL (Voltage Limit)
-135 (135 Ohm Input)
-FR (Fast Response Option, 10mS)
-XSS (Softstart Time, default is 20 seconds)
-XSC (Soft Change Time, seconds)
-X% Starting Power (1% default)

Low Power Level Output Waveform
Low startup voltages without "jump starting" for smooth soft starting

Full Output Power Waveform
Excellent output saturation

Phase Angle SCR Power Control

Half Power Waveform
Linearized output, very low DC unbalance

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